Improving Throughput

Want to help reduce LOS? Talk to ID.

This is almost a daily occurrence for many of us: You are admitting an elderly patient from a skilled nursing facility with urosepsis. How many of you know what your ID team typically orders for them? How often are patients provided with one dose of antibiotic A only to have it switched to antibiotic B on the floor?


Not surprisingly, a dutch study of 1252 admitted patients with UTIs found that antibiotic usage in accordance with hospital guidelines was associated with a shorter LOS (7.3 vs 8.7 days). Early IV to oral switching was associated with decreased LOS as well.


This is an easy way to reduce waste, and improve outcomes. It takes a few moments to have a formal meeting with ID and get on the same page as them. Come on, who doesn’t want to sit through another department meeting?




Appropriate antibiotic use for patients with urinary tract infections reduces length of hospital stay. PMID: 24158412



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