On SMACC, ResusWankers, & Jay-Z

So, I saw this tweet in regards to SMACC …

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.56.13 PM

Then saw this…

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 10.56.24 PM

Welp…   A year ago, I did not know who John Hinds was.  Two years ago, I did not know who Haney Mallemat or Anand Swaminathan were.  These three are awesome, inspirational, fantastic, I-wish-I knew-more-great-adjectives- speakers.  Their podcasts & lectures are must-listens.  Likewise, I’m not so naïve to think that there are not sensational speakers that have been out there for years that I just have not had a chance to listen to.  So, I have to agree with Amal on this one!

After a quick peruse of the SMACCDUB program, I’m excited.  There’s a great blend of names I’m familiar with but have not heard speak, A-list celeb speakers, and folks I’ve not heard of before – and I’m happy & eager to try something new!  Mervyn Singer brought up great tips in sepsis at #ESICMLIVES2015 / #lives2015 – and his “Should we De-Stress the Distressed?” sounds really intriguing.  John Greenwood & Tim Horezcko are folks I’ve followed on Twitter for awhile now, and I’m sure they will deliver a bang up talk.  Jo Anna Leuck’s lecture “Remembering Rory” discusses what was a bit of a sentinel event for us New Yorkers- it caused a lot of institutes to check & change their policies (not to mention that the paper published the treating MD’s name!) – so it will be interesting to see her take.

There are still the glamorous Liz Crowe, Scott Weingart, Karim Brohi, Paul Young, Ashley Shreves, John Myburgh, & David Newman’s of the world presenting at SMACCDUB.  Now you just get a taste of the new blood and new excitement for the world of medicine.  Honestly, I’m excited to fall in love with emergency medicine all over again.  I’m excited for next level enlightenment.  I’m excited to break down walls, meet people that have inspired me for years, and to shake their hand and say thank you.  Thank you for not letting me give up the good fight, for reminding me not to let resuswankers get me down, and for always being there when I’m trying to push for my department to be better.  I’m excited for twitter conversations and amazing new hashtags.  I’m excited to share SMACC with coworkers, and be around others that truly believe in maximally aggressive care – no matter if its palliative or curative.  So, yes, I’m a bit excited for SMACCDUB… And, of course, true Irish Guinness doesn’t hurt either.

So, if you’re looking for SMACC without any new blood, in the words of Jay-Z …


See you in Dublin.


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